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Breville BJE510XLI drink juice all the time so I wanted a juicer that was suitable for heavy juicers. I researched juicers for months and the Breville BJE510XL was my choice for the best juicer on the market. The juice extractor met my strict requirements for a practical, heavy duty household appliance.

I wanted everything — nutritional benefits of a masticating juice, speed and versatility of a centrifugal juicer and easy cleanup feature.

I liked the idea of consuming super healthy foods but I didn’t want to devote 30 minutes of my time for a glass of juice. I didn’t think that it was worth it to wake up earlier for juice. So I sacrificed a little bit of the nutrition for the speed, ease and cleanup.

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First of all, just out of the box, this is one beautiful looking juicer, which sounds strange to say, but when you see it, you’ll understand. It has a very high tech, classy look to it. The variable rpm settings from 1 to 5 depending on what you’re juicing give you the most yield for what you want to juice.

Clean up is VERY easy if you have a sink full of soapy water ready just after you juice. All you really have to do is rinse out 4 or 5 parts in soapy water and they come clean instantly. The mesh basket comes clean easily with the brush provided with your juicer.

I do have a dishwasher and understand the parts are all top shelf dishwasher safe, but I use my juicer twice a day, every day and it’s easier for me to just wash & rinse in the sink. Reassembling it is just as quick and easy.

Here are some of the great features of the Breville BJE510XL:

  • Measures 16-4/5 by 15-1/2 by 10-1/4 inches with a one year limited warranty.
  • This 900-watt juice extractor comes with 5 speeds juicing system.
  • Motor speeds range from 6500 rpm for softer produce to 12500 rpm for maximum extraction from denser foods.
  • Big 3-inch circular feed tube makes it easy to process whole fruits and vegetables and is positioned directly over the center of the cutting disc for better balance and consistent results.
  • The juicer also provides a stainless-steel micromesh filter and cutters, engineering-grade polymers, a backlit control panel, and dishwasher-safe parts for quick cleanup.
  • Accessories include 1-liter juice jug and froth separator, a detachable spout, and a cleaning brush.

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I recently started making juice from scratch using the breville ikon 900-w and was pleasurably surprised by the ease and power of this product. The Breville is very easy to use from removing it out of the box to making your first refreshing glass of juice.

I researched a few other juicers before purchasing the breville and after using the Breville I can understand some of the critiques of the other juicers — for example, I saw the Jack Lalanne juicer in a store and the reviews stated it was too large, trust me, it is. Also, I would strongly recommend you know what you would like to juice.

The Breville is great for juicing solid vegetables and fruits like carrots and apples but if you are going to do mainly soft fruits (oranges and grapes) I would go with a blender rather than a juice extractor like the Breville. However, if you need a juice extractor the breville has the power (very important), ease, and style.

The breville 900-w is very easy to clean. I make a pitcher of carrot, apple and sometime pear juice in the morning and it takes me approx 15 minutes from start to clean up for a full pitcher. The hardest thing to clean is the grinder screen that separates the juice from the fruit or vegetable.

Lastly, the breville is very cool looking as a kitchen appliance. Its sleek silver design will go well with your other appliances and has the wow factor. My juice extractor cost around $180 plus $5 for shipping and handling. I thought this was more than a fair price for what you get. I live in Chicago and it was delivered in two days. If you choose the breville you will not be disappointed.

Here’s what one of the owners had to say about the Breville BJE510XL:

I picked up the Breville Ikon 900-watt juicer about six weeks ago and I’ve never been happier with a household appliance in all my life. It’s easy to use, quick to clean, and I’ve never been so excited to eat fruits and vegetables.

The owners manual is written well and offers several juicing recipes to get you started right away. I was juicing my first items just a few minutes after opening the box. I doubled my overall energy in just a matter of a few days after I started juicing with the Breville Ikon.

It’s Perfect for guys (and gals) like me, who never make the time to eat the necessary amount of fruits and vegetables. Again, I just couldn’t be happier with this machine. Happy Juicing! (K. Baraka)

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